Maintaining the Structural Integrity of Condominium Buildings

In this webinar, FirstService Residential hosts a discussion on Maintaining the Structural Integrity of Condominium Buildings with guests from Encompass Engineering, Inc., Curt Isernhagen, Principal and Kent Jones, Principal.

Do you have questions about preventative maintenance, structural evaluations and more?

Local experts discussed:

  • Maintenance and Design Variations by Region and Era of Construction
  • Concept of Acceleration of Deterioration from Some Types of Deferred Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Key Components & Planning
  • MCIOA PMP Requirements
  • Including costs for PM in Operating Budgets
  • Annual/Semi Annual Inspections
  • MN Statute Requirements
  • Contributing Factors in Deterioration
  • Maintaining Integrity and Preventing Water Infiltration
  • Facade evaluations/Building envelope evaluations

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