Ask Our Experts: Building Energy Grades & LL97 Emissions Compliance

Every building must prepare to meet emissions targets to comply with NYC Local Law 97 and board members need support to manage the associated challenges, complexities and timelines. Watch our webinar and learn from our experts as they discuss strategies for both older and newer buildings to help you make the most informed decisions on opportunities that will deliver the greatest value in terms of reducing emissions, costs, and energy use, improving efficiency and resident comfort, and enhancing property values, while avoiding fines and remaining compliant with the law.

Our Experts:

  • Kelly Dougherty, Vice President, FirstService Energy
  • Marc Zuluaga, PE, Chief Executive Officer, Steven Winter Associates
  • Jeffrey Poirot, Managing Director, New Development Group, FirstService Residential

What We’ll Cover:

  • Building Energy Grades and Local Law 97 carbon limits: Inconsistencies in metrics
  • Energy assessments: The key to understanding your building’s energy use
  • Low-cost, high-reward strategies to optimize building performance
  • Strategic, long-term carbon reduction roadmap: Properly budget time, resources and cost
  • Planning the sequence of work to achieve maximum emissions reductions and cost savings and minimum disruption to residents