Watch the Webinar: Emergency Weather & Your Community

Thank you for your interest in our Emergency Weather Preparedness & Your Community webinar!

Is your community prepared for extreme weather?

When it comes to severe storms, insurance, communication strategies and key action plans are on the minds of many board members.

With help from statewide experts, our Emergency Preparedness Webinar takes a deeper dive into:

  • Storm Preparation & Recovery
  • Single-Family Community Preparedness
  • Condo & High-Rise Safet

We genuinely hope this discussion gives you the confidence to make sound decisions rooted in resident safety.

If you have other questions about safety, email or visit


Francisco Sanchez
Emergency Management Association of Texas

Jackie Miller
Community Preparedness Program Coordinator
City of Houston

Shanice Howard
Regional Director - Portfolio
FirstService Residential

Dan Westman
Director of High-Rise
FirstService Residential

Moderator: Susan Ward-Freeman
Vice President, High-Rise Management
FirstService Residential