High-Rise Insiders: Structural Integrity

How can I keep my high-rise building safe? 

"The absolute value of educating boards and arming them with tools to communicate the necessity of proactive maintenance and funding of asset management is vital to the long-term safety of any high-rise building."

Watch our webinar to receive valuable expert advice in this one-hour plus virtual event, High-Rise Insiders: Structural Integrity. Our experts will take a deep dive into a number of related topics for both condominium associations.

Get answers to questions like:

  • What is a reserve study advisor, and what is the purpose of one?
  • How can boards find out if there are underlying problems in the original construction or design of the building?
  • What is the first step boards should take if a life/safety issue is identified in their building? 
  • Who can be held responsible for a construction defect?

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Our Experts: 









Damian Esparza
Barrera & Co.

Reserve Advisors

Karim Allana
Allana Buick Bers

Architectural Engineers

Rodney Riepenhoff
FirstService Residential

High-Rise Division

Heidi Storz

Construction Defect Attorneys